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We believe that a tailored approach and our dedication to the proper understanding of our clients’ objectives enables a differentiated and unique portfolio to each client.

Our services provide a different approach to the investment process:

checker Partnerships with international asset management firms and academic excellence teams aiming to exchange intelligence data.
checker An integrated management model in the Equities strategy that offers a combination of manager selection and proprietary analysis.
checker A robust methodology for defining customized portfolios across multiple asset classes and geographies.

checker A training program for clients and future generation at the extent of their interest.

checker An open platform, that guarantees total independence in the selection of financial institutions or products and avoid any potential conflict of interest.


Pragma develops processes and recommends financial structures with an adequate degree of flexibility for each client. Our investment model allows us to share scenario analyses, enabling a constant interaction to guarantee total alignment with our clients investment decisions. A disciplined reporting process allows for frequent portfolio reviews, reducing the possibility of unexpected and/or undesirable results.


PRAGMA has a proven track-record of successful results in the independent wealth management industry since 1998.

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